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The Principles of The 3 E's

The program services provided by The Tabernacle Community Development, Inc. are based on the "Principles of The 3 E's" which are Education, Empowerment, and Economics.


Knowledge is Power: Providing awareness on the importance of education and the impact it has on an individual's career. Stressing the importance of furthering one's education (college, technical, or trade school) and challenging individuals to go above and beyond what is expected of them. This component will equip them with the following tools:

This principle is focused on mentoring and motivating individuals in the St. Louis area to become life achievers and understand the importance of education. Education is one of the key indicators for successes for an adult within the community.


Living Your Life at Its Best: When individuals take control of their life and live it with purpose/significance, it's a life one can be proud of. This component will include knowledge as it relates to restoring and empowering one's life through vision, mission, and goals.

Living Your Life at Its Best applies techniques on how to improve an individual's communication skills through true conversation and common courtesies of etiquette and manners.


Finance and Budget Literacy: Provide awareness of personal financial management as well as budgeting tools to increase financial security and future planning. In addition, the program will include components of wealth management and home ownership.

The principle focuses on personal financial management and organizational structure. Knowledge on various types of financing and saving options such as IRAs, mutual funds, and insurance policies. Affordable housing and crisis assistance as it relates to utility, mortgage/rent, or food.


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An education in today's society is an imperative for anyone desiring to build a sound future. One of the biggest obstacles high school students face is the daunting task of securing financial resources to cover the cost of higher education.

As a means to aid in lifting that burden, Naway Ministries, TCDC, and The Tabernacle have partnered to offer scholarships to two African-American seniors in high school in order to assist with post-secondary education.